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We offer a complete Analog and IP Security Camera Solution for businesses or home users.

No matter what your budget is, we have a system that can meet your security needs.
System Features: Recording: Continuous, Scheduled, Motion Detection and Smart recording, Disk space recycling (auto delete oldest recording), Video Loss Detection, Auto Record after System Reboot and more.
Playback: Video Search, Play, Rewind or Fast Forward Video Footage while Recording, Export Single Frame or Movie Clips to AVI files with Date and Time Stamp.
For security sensitive installations such as Police Stations, Federal and Provincial Government Buildings, Factories, Power Generation Plants, Border we offer Security Systems that include Vandal Resistant Cameras, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Cameras, Real Time 30fps (Frames Per Second) per channel DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), Motion Sensors, Audible Alarms and CMS (Central Monitoring System) capabilities.
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A high resolution camera system at your Office, School, Home and etc is a good start to deter crime and violent acts. If a person knows that they are going to be monitored the second they set foot on property, they’ll think twice about starting a fight behind the dumpsters or threatening a student in the cafeteria. A surveillance system also helps to monitor the entire school from one place and allows staff to quickly respond to issues that are important to them and the parents.
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Latest security camera systems

 We offer high quality full HD security camera systems that come with latest functionalities like motion sensors, audio capture, tilting, two way audio communication, image stabilization and other smart features. You can also choose from the CCTV DVR type and the IP based NVR type security feeds systems as per your requirements.
Dedicated and efficient service on our part makes Ridgeway Computers the trusted and preferred security cameras destination in Canada.

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